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quirky brown and yellow layered acrylic st andrews spider hoop earrings
Brown and yellow spider earrings, insect earrings
woman wearing brown spider acrylic hoop earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, quirky brown and yellow layered acrylic st andrews spider hoop earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, Brown and yellow spider earrings, insect earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, woman wearing brown spider acrylic hoop earrings

St Andrew's Cross Spider Kinetic Hoop Earrings

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Don’t be cross when you come across this spider with a webbed cross…

Unlike the popular belief, not all spiders in Australia are venomous. St Andrew’s Cross Spider is an artist not a killer! He knits a beautiful bluish white cross on its web similar to the St Andrew’s cross on the Scottish flag.

Featuring an unusual iridescent brown swirly acrylic with a hint of shimmery dust and hand painted yellow accents, these spider earrings are the perfect quirky accessory. Honestly, they are also the ultimate teacher earrings and Halloween jewellery.

Kinetic jewellery is all about motion. So don't miss the product video in the gallery to see how the spiders wiggle their legs and butts.

These quirky hoop earrings also make a great gift for nature lovers and insect enthusiasts.

Light as a web, these insect earrings are handmade in Australia, where you can find St Andrew’s spider living in habitats ranging from rainforest margins to open forest and heathland across Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Story behind the design

These spiders get their name from the bluish-white X like pattern that they create in the centre of their web, which looks like the St Andrew’s cross. Andrew the Apostle is traditionally said to have been crucified on a diagonal cross in the shape of the letter X. When the spider sits in the middle of the cross, it can look as though it's suffering a similar fate. (In reality, of course, that fate is reserved for the spider's prey.)

The purpose of the cross decoration has long been a mystery. It was first thought to add strength to the web and make it more stable, but more recent research suggests it assists with attracting prey. This cross reflects UV light very strongly and draws in flying insects, which use UV light to locate food sources like flowers and navigate amongst vegetation. The cross on the web also confuses predators into thinking the spider is much larger than it is and warns them to stay away as the effort required from a bird to remove the sticky web from its feathers after attempting to catch the spider is considerable.

When threatened, the St Andrew’s Cross Spider drops from the web or shakes it so vigorously that both the spider and its cross become a blur, confusing the attacker.

Text borrowed from Backyard Buddies

Product information

These handmade earrings are made from laser cut acrylic.

St Andrew's Spider hoop earrings measure:
3.2cm/ 1.3 inch wide
4.5cm/ 1.7 inch high
Scroll through the product images to see what they look like and how they fit on my (I'd say standard size) earlobes.

This product is produced from an original design and is hand assembled, painted and finished. As a result, there may be slight variations from piece to piece, making each pair as special as their owner.

Products are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a DayNightDusk post box. If you are buying this product as a gift, a greeting card can be added to the order at check out.


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Please follow these care instructions to help your acrylic accessories look brand new forever;)

  • The designs can be fragile and may break if dropped
  • Store them in a dry, clean environment
  • Avoid contact with make up, cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and any other liquid products
  • Don’t wear swimming or in the shower
  • To avoid scratches, keep them separate 
  • Use jewellery cloth to wipe and shine up

Customer Reviews

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Kaaren Smith
Ha! yep, just awesome, get em if you like spiders or your friends don't, you won't be sorry!

Yippee Kayay etc... yeah, 1988 bruce willis, did not have these spider earrings to scare the bad guys, but I do!! So I bought these cuz .. spiders are cool right!! Arrived at work and promptly put one in , well, not one , but two of my co-workers had little moments, and I'm so proud , thank you Rehana, and sorry, my keyboard is dodgy so caps, no caps, who cares, looking at Octopiiii next!!

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