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Spread the Love - Key Chain set
Spread the Love - Key Chain set
Spread the Love - Key Chain set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Spread the Love - Key Chain set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Spread the Love - Key Chain set
Load image into Gallery viewer, Spread the Love - Key Chain set

Spread the Love - Key Chain set

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Listen up, this aint just about romantic love here at DayNightDusk.

Give the Peanut Butter to your Jam the keys to your heart with this gorgeous couples keychain. This extra luvin snack features two gorgeous sammich slices that can come together to form the ULTIMATE FRIENDSHIP SANDWICH - each on their own sturdy keychain. And I'm not just talking about your lover here - your best friend, your fave coworker or the ubereats driver that's practically family at this point, this super versatile gift will truly show just how much your 'other half' means to you.

This clever handmade keyring set is strung on two functional keychains - making it easy to pop the keys to your heart right on them. And now it's easier than ever to carry a piece of your 'other half' with the bag clip included in the set. We’ve hidden magnets in this cool little PB and J sanger so that when you hold each smeared slice close to each other - they snap together just like you and your best human. 

This would make a great gift for a best friend or love one. Due to the inclusion of magnets, this design is sliiightly heavier then your usual DayNightDusk design. Don't need a keyring? You can grab this design as a necklace/earring set.

Story behind design

The English language really let us down when it came to the word ‘Love’*. There are SO MANY types of love, and yet here we are, applying the same word we use to describe our favourite toothpaste to the person we might want to say ‘I do’ to in the future. So here is a handy guide to the different types of love, according to the Greeks:

  • Eros: the sexy kind of love. Passionate, physical and just a little bit dangerous….just the way we like it >:D
  • Philia: the deep warm feeling we feel for our closest friends. I’m so glad Galentines is picking up in popularity, because we really just need a day to celebrate our people!
  • Agape: Selfless love. This is the general, enveloping sort of love that extends to all people, animals, and (I would hope) our planet.
  • Pragma: Long standing love. I think Captian Holt said it best: It’s like oatmeal. It sustains you.
  • Philautia: Self love. Because there’s no one more worthy of love then you are.

Happy Gal/Valentines day everyone

*But not as badly as Klingon. If you’re a Star Trek nerd, you know that there is no word for love in Klingon. The closest the Klingons have is qamuSHa’, which roughly translates to ‘I unhate you’. Sorry Klingon. 

Product information

These handmade earrings and or necklace are made from laser cut acrylic.

The PBJ Keychain charms measure:
4.0cm/1.6 inch wide
5.5cm/2.1 inch high
The Keyring measures:
2.59 inch / 66mm
Split Ring Diameter:
Approx.1.18 inch / 30mm

Scroll through the product images to see what they look like and how they fit on my (I'd say standard size) earlobes and slightly thinner neck.

This product is produced from an original design and is hand assembled, painted and finished. As a result, there may be slight variations from piece to piece, making each pair as special as their owner.

Products are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a DayNightDusk post box. If you are buying this product as a gift, a greeting card can be added to the order at check out.



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Please follow these care instructions to help your acrylic accessories look brand new forever;)

  • The designs can be fragile and may break if dropped
  • Store them in a dry, clean environment
  • Avoid contact with make up, cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and any other liquid products
  • Don’t wear swimming or in the shower
  • To avoid scratches, keep them separate 
  • Use jewellery cloth to wipe and shine up

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