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elegant blue grey acrylic Indian elephant with mandala hoop earrings
Indian elephant inspired hoop earrings, animal earrings
woman wearing blue grey elephant acrylic hoop earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, elegant blue grey acrylic Indian elephant with mandala hoop earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, Indian elephant inspired hoop earrings, animal earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, woman wearing blue grey elephant acrylic hoop earrings
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Kinetic Indian Elephant Hoop Earrings

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Pick yourself up with these pleasing pachyderms, wiggling it's ears and swinging it's trunk to the tune of an internal monologue. 

Elephants are one of the most admired animals on the planet. They represent qualities that we all strive for - courage, strength, stature, wisdom, honour, longevity, patience, kindness and peace. It's kinda amazing they can symbolise so much - and to help connect his qualities with yours, this boy is decorated with a delicate mandala. Elephant mandalas symbolise mental and physical capabilities highlighting the strength of our soul. It is also regarded as a symbol of fortune, luck and material growth.

So, pop these precocious pachyderms on your earlobes and bring peace, harmony, strength and kindness to your day.

These animal earrings are a great gift if you are looking for a piece that brings delight to your eyes and mind.

Made of an eye catching blue grey acrylic, these elephants earrings are handmade in Australia...where importing ivory and rhino horn is banned, but sadly domestic ivory trade is still permitted. A local ivory trade ban has been tabled in late 2019, but unfortunately with bushfires and Covid-19 - it may have slipped off the top of the priority list.

Story behind the design

We're all familiar with the African elephant, so I wanted to give a spotlight to its cousin, the Indian elephant.

So, what’s the difference?

The first thing you notice are the ears! While the African elephant can sport large, fan like ears, the Indian elephant is a bit less Dumbo and a bit more dwarf! Their tail is super long and can go past their knees and brush the ground and they also have (and this is gonna sound weird) one trunk 'finger' while the African elephant has two! 

Plus, they're more closely related to the Wooly Mammoth than their African affiliate. 

Unfortunately, human intervention and global warming has planted this lovely pachyderm firmly on the ICUN Red List, as their population has decreased by 50% since the 1950’s :(

The elephant mandala on the other hand has only grown in popularity, and was first introduced to the West by prominent psychoanalyst, Carl Jung (of all people!), when he realised the potential of personal growth and spiritual development that this design offers to individuals with complex personalities.

Product information

These handmade earrings are made from laser cut acrylic.

Elephant hoop earrings measure:
4.5cm/1.7 inch wide
6.4cm/2.5 inch high
Scroll through the product images to see what they look like and how they fit on my (I'd say standard size) earlobes.

This product is produced from an original design and is hand assembled, painted and finished. As a result, there may be slight variations from piece to piece, making each pair as special as their owner.

Products are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a DayNightDusk post box. If you are buying this product as a gift, a greeting card can be added to the order at check out.


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Please follow these care instructions to help your acrylic accessories look brand new forever;)

  • The designs can be fragile and may break if dropped
  • Store them in a dry, clean environment
  • Avoid contact with make up, cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and any other liquid products
  • Don’t wear swimming or in the shower
  • To avoid scratches, keep them separate 
  • Use jewellery cloth to wipe and shine up

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