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quirky glow in the dark acrylic firefly stud earrings
glow in the dark firefly inspired studs, insect earrings
woman wearing glow in the dark firefly acrylic stud earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, quirky glow in the dark acrylic firefly stud earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, glow in the dark firefly inspired studs, insect earrings
Load image into Gallery viewer, woman wearing glow in the dark firefly acrylic stud earrings

Glow-in-the-Dark Firefly Studs

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Let this little glowing beetle butt light up your night and day! Wait, did I say beetle? Yep, fireflies are neither flies nor bugs, but beetles (PHWOOOAAAR)!

These gorgeous GLOW-IN-THE-DARK stud earrings are quirky, cute, and did I mention that they GLOW-IN-THE-DARK?!?!?! That's right, a lovely glowy acrylic imitates the pretty fireflies lantern (the name of the organ that produces light!). Tucked beneath etched iridescent wings, this design captures the beauty and magic of these lovely firebugs. 

These fun insect earrings also make a great gift for nature lovers and bug enthusiasts of all that glows.

Quirky and cute, these light-as-a-beetle firefly studs are handmade in Australia. Believe it or not, not many people realise that Australia has fireflies - you an usually only find them in our most inaccessible forests and mangroves. But they're there....and on your ears if you decide to pick up a pair!

Story behind the design

There's something absolutely magical about fireflies...or should I say beetles (hint: we should. Because that's what they are!)

But why do they glow? All sorts of reasons - but mostly, they glow  For these love-bugs, it really does start with a spark. Males fly around forests and open meadows in the night, flashing to attract a mate. A female charmed by a male’s display will glow in his direction, guiding his way to her on the ground. But it's all about the rhythm baby: for some species, faster or longer flash patterns are most appealing to their lovely lady, while for others, slow or short flashes get the girl.

But it's not just the adult fire flies that get their glow on. 

Their eggs glow too? That's right! The life cycle of a firefly only spans about two years - but they only spend about three weeks of their life as a fire 'fly'. The rest of that time they're either a cute munchy caterpillar, scaring off predators (the light acts as a chemical and visual defence, warning predators that they are toxic to taste) or as little glowy eggs. How cool is that?

Are there fireflies in Australia? Not a lot of people are aware the country has fireflies, let alone two dozen different species, because they’re not in places commonly seen by the public. They only live in areas where there’s moist undergrowth. And most of those areas – dense scrubland, rainforests, mangroves and national parks – tend to be inaccessible by the everyday person. Mostly, you’ll find them in Australia’s top end and down the east coastline. Occasionally, you’ll be lucky to spot a couple in a suburban backyard in Brisbane’s outer pockets.

(We found most of our info from University of Melbourne's page  and The New Daily. Check them out for more info!)

Product information

These handmade earrings are made from laser cut acrylic.

Firefly stud earrings measure:
2cm/0.78 inch wide
2.1cm/0.82 inch high
Scroll through the product images to see what they look like and how they fit on my (I'd say standard size) earlobes.

This product is produced from an original design and is hand assembled, painted and finished. As a result, there may be slight variations from piece to piece, making each pair as special as their owner.

Products are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a DayNightDusk post box. If you are buying this product as a gift, a greeting card can be added to the order at check out.


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Please follow these care instructions to help your acrylic accessories look brand new forever;)

  • The designs can be fragile and may break if dropped
  • Store them in a dry, clean environment
  • Avoid contact with make up, cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and any other liquid products
  • Don’t wear swimming or in the shower
  • To avoid scratches, keep them separate 
  • Use jewellery cloth to wipe and shine up

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