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Handmade honey bee native Australian necklace
woman wearing small elegant gold chain bee necklace
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Queen Bee Mini Necklace

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Don’t feel like a full Queen Bee today? No worries!

This mini honeycomb necklace will cast enough sweet reflection catching an eye of every passer by to make you feel like you are dripping with style all day long. Although small and delicate, you can dress it up or down for any formal and casual royal engagements. 

Lightweight and comfortable, this beautiful piece is hand fashioned from gorgeous honey-gold mirror acrylic - deceptively sturdy given the delicate hexagonal geometry of its design.

Story behind the design

The queen bee is a fascinating royal being. She is the mother of the beehive living her life inside, attended by worker bees who groom and feed her until death.

So how does a queen become a queen? Any peasant female larva can aspire and have the high hopes of becoming The Queen. I was hoping that diet wouldn’t be the key ingredient to a status in 21st century, but here we are (ughh!)…What makes the aspiring queens different is their diet. Nurse bees pick 10 to 20 freshly hatched female larvae babies and feed them nothing but a delicious sounding royal jelly. But hang on, the royal jelly actually activates their reproductive system (!) and voila… turns them into a bunch of queens.

But as in every fairy-tale, there can only be one Queen. And this is a real life crime drama…Once they metamorphose into Queen Bees and chew their way out of their royal cell, they have some dirty work to do...the little blood thirsty bugs instinctively set out to kill their sisters, the other new queens. They call to each other in a high pitched chirp and fight to death.

Once she has death stung all her sisters The New Queen take the only flight of her life - the mating flight. Sounds like The Bachelorette, haha! She has a bee sex with male drones and that one night stand gives her the ability to lay fertilized eggs and grow her precious hive for the next 3-5 years.

Product information

This handmade bee necklace is made from laser cut acrylic and is available with a lovely gold coloured chain.

Honeycomb Mini Necklace measures:
4.5 cm/1.7 inch wide
2.2 cm/0.8 inch high

Scroll through the product images to see how the necklace sits around my neck.

This product is produced from an original design and is hand assembled, painted and finished. As a result, there may be slight variations from piece to piece, making each pair as special as their owner.

Products are wrapped in tissue paper and packaged in a DayNightDusk post box. If you are buying this product as a gift, a greeting card can be added to the order at check out.


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Please follow these care instructions to help your acrylic accessories look brand new forever;)

  • The designs can be fragile and may break if dropped
  • Store them in a dry, clean environment
  • Avoid contact with make up, cosmetics, perfume, hairspray and any other liquid products
  • Don’t wear swimming or in the shower
  • To avoid scratches, keep them separate 
  • Use jewellery cloth to wipe and shine up

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