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Dalmatian Brooch Glamour Shot

Why be black and white when you can be glitter and gold?

Laser mishaps, missing ears and one (still current) Covid lockdown situation, it didn't always go right for this glamourous canine - but we fought through - and we look damn good doing it.

Hmmm...kinda reminds me of someone....doncha think?
Disney Cruella Poster
"From the very beginning, I realized I saw the world differently than everyone else"
- Estella
Which got me thinking - wouldn't it be great if Cruella was a Dalmatian? That way she wouldn't have to a bunch of puppies to get that gorgeous coat she's always wanted.
There. Problem solved.
Or, she could have done what I did during lockdown and made her very own cruelty free Dalmatian coat. Just look at these lovelies!
Bored in lockdown? NEVER!

So how did we get here? started with a sample. 
I had ordered a bunch of samples from trotec for some ~yet to be announced~ designs I had planned, when THIS HAPPENED:
Sparkly Acrylic
*~Sparkle Sparkle~*
That was it. I knew what I had to do. Those spots, that glitter, it could only be one thing:

a Dalmatian

Turns out I wasn't alone! You guys spoke out loud and clear:
Sparkle Acrylic Poll
You said yes to the dress dog
A gorgeous, glittery doggo that sparkles and shines - HECK YEAH! But I couldn't just do an earring - oh no, this acrylic was far too special for that. 

Introducing our very first DayNightDusk brooch

Sparkly Dalmatian Gif
Our very first brooch, so OF COURSE we had to be a little bit extra. And of course, we couldn't just take normal photos...with a bit of extra help from friends, I managed to beg, borrow, steal and epicycle pretty much everything I needed to be....
Rehana As Cruella Modelling
And it was so worth it. Here's my favourite shot of Iskra looking positively glamorous amongst her favourite (faux) furs. 
Dalmatian Brooch Glamour Shot

Why Iskra?

Ooooh, this is where it gets interesting...
One of our very clever DayNightDuskers pointed out that Dalmatians originally came from Dalmatia - a region of Croatia. And while we loved her original suggestion of Majesto (Mjesto being the Croatian word for 'spot' or 'meeting place') we thought...why stop at spot?
Why not *~Sparkle~*
Hence Iskra! The Croatian word for Sparkle <3 I love it!

Okay darling, enough chit-chat.
I want those puppies!

Anyway, these gorgeous glittery dogs are available in extremely limited quantities (eep - just 10!), so set your clocks and calendars to
July 17, 7:00pm (AEST)
to get your hands on these little beauties <3

And before I forget I just want to sing out a massive THANK YOU to everyone that joined me on this new adventure. This is the very first thing I've released since I went into full-time accessory making. So whether you've bought something, left a comment on my socials, or just followed along as we figured out way through this - thank you. You've been amazing.

So sparkle on you crazy diamonds
- Rehana
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